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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Office

Room 309, Christofferson Building (3) 

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students enrolling in courses at CEI incur a debt to the College upon registration. Payment in full or satisfactory payment arrangements for each semester is due on the tuition and fee deadline each semester, as published on the CEI calendar. Students are liable for all charges whether they attended the class or not.

Students can pay their tuition and fees, and other applicable charges online through CEI Student Self-Service using a credit card, debit card or ACH payment.

Students can also pay in person at the Cashier Window located in Building 3 or by phone during normal business hours.

Students are responsible for knowing the tuition and fee deadline and paying by the due date. In order to avoid any unforeseen complications, students should not wait until the last minute to pay.

Students are responsible for paying all charges not covered by financial aid, scholarship, sponsor, and/or employer.

Tuition and Fee Payment Plan

Students may elect to pay for tuition and fees through an authorized payment plan. Payment plans are available for Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Students must enroll in a new plan each semester. Payment plan enrollment must be completed prior to the tuition and fee deadlines for each term to prevent possible registration cancellation. A down payment of the tuition balance as well as a non-refundable enrollment fee is required at the time of enrollment.  A late payment fee of $15 is charged for payments not received by the payment plan installment due dates. Students can enroll in a Payment Plan online through CEI Student Self-Service.

Sponsor Billing (Third Party)

The following sponsor payment conditions apply:

  • Sponsorship forms must be received by CEI by the tuition and fee deadline.
  • Students receiving financial assistance from an external organization should ensure the agency is aware of the payment deadlines and present a sponsor form supplied by the sponsor organization to the CEI Cashier Office by the tuition and fee deadline.
  • Organizations submitting student tuition payments may mail a company check made payable to College of Eastern Idaho, Attn: Business Office, 1600 S. 25th E, Idaho Falls, ID, 83404.  Be sure to identify the student and the term being paid.
  • Students must complete a new sponsor form each semester. If for some reason a student’s sponsor fails to pay charges upon receipt of bill, the student will be responsible for all charges.

Financial Aid

Financial aid awards are automatically applied towards tuition and fees. If financial aid funds are less than the amount owed to CEI, payment or satisfactory payment arrangements are expected by the payment due date published on the CEI calendar each semester. If financial aid funds exceed the amount owed to CEI, a refund will be issued to the student.

Any student receiving financial aid from CEI and/or other sources must ensure that they have completed all required documentation and accepted aid online prior to the tuition and fee deadline.

Late Fees

Late fees are charged when payment is not received or a payment plan is not in place by the tuition and fee deadlines listed on the CEI calendar. Students are responsible for knowing the tuition and fee deadline. Late fees will be added weekly after the deadline until the balance is paid in full.

Drop for Nonpayment

Students who have not paid all their tuition and fees or have not completed a Payment Plan Agreement by the due date, will be dropped from all courses. A $50 re-registration fee will be required before registering again. Be advised there is no guarantee the same courses will be available.

Delinquent Accounts

If the student’s account is delinquent, their registration may be canceled and their student file put on hold. If the student is indebted to the college (e.g., insufficient fund checks, library fines, coverall fees, lab fees, etc.), they will not be eligible to receive an official transcript, certificate, degree, affidavits, or verifications. Students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register for future courses until the balance is paid in full.

Outstanding Debt owed to the College may be assigned to a collection agency for recovery. If that occurs, the collection agency may assess additional collection fees and costs, which may include a fee calculated on a percentage not to exceed 33% of the outstanding Debt.

Returned or Non-sufficient (NSF) Payments

In the event a check or ACH payment is returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds, the student will be notified and assessed a charge of $20. The charge will be entered against the student’s account, a hold placed on all records, until payment is resolved with guaranteed funds such as: a money order, cashier check, certified check, traveler’s check, or cash. If the debt is not paid in a timely manner the student account will be considered delinquent.

Tuition and Fee Refunds for All Courses

Refund of tuition and fees is based upon the date of notification of withdrawal.

Tuition and fee refunds will be made as follows:

  • Withdrawal prior to first (1st) day of term - 100% of tuition and fees
  • Withdrawal during first (1st) week of course - 100% of tuition
  • Withdrawal during the second (2nd) week of course - 50% of tuition
  • Withdrawal during the third (3rd) week of course - 25% of tuition
  • No refund after the third (3rd) week of courses
  • Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable after the term starts

8-Week Classes (Block A, Block B, and Summer) are not module courses and follow the same tuition refund procedure outlined above.

Module tuition refunds will be made as follows:

  • Withdrawal prior to first (1st) day of module course - 100%
  • Withdrawal during first (1st) week of module course - 50%
  • No refund after the first (1st) week of module course
  • Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable after the term starts

A $10 administration fee will be charged to process a total withdrawal. Miscellaneous fees are nonrefundable with the exception of canceled courses. These fees are set by the respective division.

Financial aid recipients may be required to repay some or all financial aid upon withdrawal, depending on the type of aid received, the documented last day of attendance, and applicable rules and regulations governing financial aid. Refunds will first be used to offset any financial aid owed.

The refund policy is not changed for late registrants. CEI reserves the right to deduct from the refund any outstanding bills to the extent allowed by federal regulations.

Direct Deposit

Refund by eRefund (direct deposit) to the student’s bank account is available and is the most convenient way to receive student account refunds. For students not enrolled in eRefund a check will be mailed to the address on file. A $25 charge will be applied for replacement checks.

To enroll in eRefund follow these steps: 

  • Log in to CEI Student Self-Service Student Finance tab and click “make a payment”.
  • Log in to Payment Center using CEI user name and password.
  • In the Payment Center click the “Electronic Refunds” option.
  • Complete the verification process and provide bank account information.

After an eRefund has been generated by CEI to the financial institution, this process may take up to 3-5 business days before it will appear as a credit in the student’s bank account.