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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Legal Studies and Paralegal Training, AAS

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This program combines theoretical understanding with a skills-centric curriculum needed to develop the attributes and skills today’s skills-based economy requires. Whether seeking to launch a new career or upskill, the Legal Studies & Paralegal Training program can provide the career-readiness an ever-changing workforce demands.

As employment expectations evolve, more and more employers are re-scripting the skills and job requirements needed to work in a digital-first world. Prepare today for tomorrow’s workforce by joining the Legal Studies & Paralegal Training program. Take advantage of curriculum designed to help expand personal capabilities and employability. Be part of the workforce transformation currently underway by acquiring relevant skills employers seek. Let the program serve as a bridge of opportunity to help unlock new employment opportunities. Whether new to college or been away from education for a while, all types can benefit from curriculum designed to merge academic knowledge with the technical skills needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market. Courses are skills-centric, focusing on work-related projects that provide a hands-on learning experience. A two-year program is a great investment because it streamlines learning and shortens the time to graduation. Because many legal skills are transferrable skills, student-graduates are able to tap into less traditional career opportunities in a variety of employment markets.

Even those interested in pursuing a four-year degree should also consider the Legal Studies & Paralegal Training program as it provides a solid academic foundation needed to succeed at a four-year institution. Further, the program has partnered with Lewis-Clark State College so that most credits from the (AAS) degree now transfer and can be applied toward earning a Paralegal (BAS) degree at Lewis-Clark State College. So, it is an exciting time to explore both career and educational options in the Legal Studies & Paralegal Training program.

Entrance Requirements

Interested students should discuss qualifications with an admission counselor in Student Services.

Basic Technical Certificate

The BTC is a training-based certificate available to students who may already be enrolled in the Legal Studies & Paralegal Training program. Curriculum for the BTC has been designed to overlap the  ITC and AAS so students are eligible for financial aid. Course materials were developed to provide a more concentrated focus on business- and legal-related areas of contract and tort law. In collaboration with the INL, the program developed (contract) training-based materials to which it incorporated into the BTC in order to provide learners with a more in-depth, specialized focus on commercial/government contract practices. This certificate option may also be useful to those looking to “upskill” and/or considering launching a career in acquisition and procurement independently of the program’s ITC and AAS - under this option the BTC would not be financial aid eligible.

Completion of the (BTC) includes a total of 9-credits; this certificate option is not financial aid eligible.

*Interested students can earn a (BTC) along with either an (ITC), or (AAS). This option permits the classes included in the (BTC) to be covered under the financial aid for either the (ITC) or (AAS).

Intended Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate oral and written skills by conveying knowledge and ideas clearly and precisely
  2. Demonstrate critical reasoning and analysis and the ability to synthesize and summarize findings to reach solutions to problems
  3. Demonstrate skill in analyzing, conforming, and preparing legal documents/forms to industry standards and procedural requirements 
  4. Demonstrate competency using current technology and digital resources to meet employer needs
  5. Identify and implement standards of ethics and professionalism
  6. Demonstrate employability skills characterized as the ability to collaborate effectively in multiple roles, organize workflow, prioritize assigned tasks, and meet deadlines

Program Costs

Students can expect to spend approximately $500-600 per semester on books and supplies.

Industry Testing for Certification

Certification will be under the direction of National Society of Legal Technology. To inquire about testing related fees, please visit the (NSLT) website as costs are subject to change without notice to the college.

Industry Affiliation

This program is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE)

  • Sixty (60) Credits
  • Financial Aid Eligible

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